Have you ever thought about going on a Bali immersion? 

Or running away to a tropical island to reset and unwind! 

Time away from the reality of your busy life for a full transformation of you?

This is not like any other holiday!

I know all too well the pressure of life, kids, study or work...only to feel depleted, exhausted and lost.  

Everyone gets priority over you and your life, and it's hard to see a way out.  

It's been so long since you have had time for yourself that you may not even know who you are anymore!  

The demands of life are constant, the pressure is increasing and your self care becomes last priority...

I get it!!

I've been there too! BUT my life changed after returning back from a Bali immersion!

It was life changing for me!! 

I knew I needed a break, but I had NO idea how much I NEEDED it until I got home!

This experience was not like any typical holiday. It was a turning point where I went from who I was to the person I wanted to become.  

In the years prior to the Bali immersion, I was a depleted mumma on every level.  

I was exhausted, sleep deprivated, had so many balls jugling in the air and I was really stressed trying to juggle them all!

I wasn't looking after myself the way my body needed me too! 

My self care was non existent, I didn’t do anything for myself AT ALL!  

This was the result of being burnt out, worn out, tired and trying to be the people pleaser! 

The time when my body needed me the most – I wasn’t looking after it. 

I braved the idea of heading to Bali on my own.

The thought of going overseas for the first time on my own, away from my husband and my girls was a big deal!  

I totally understand the resistance to this!  


The experience I had in Bali was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

I believe I wouldn't have had the shift i had if I was in my normal routine and environment. 

The experience was incredible! It was worth everything and more!  

Everything was provided for me. I only had to choose what I wanted to eat and what time I wanted to book in my massages! Amazing! 

The full immersion of culture, healing experiences, amazing fresh food, yoga, massages, totally indulgent self-care, all day laughs with the group and complete space and time for me. 

I became present and for once in years– life was calm, relaxed and quiet. I was happy! Completely filled!  

The experience changed me for the better. 

My cup became so filled in that 5 days. And I was completely shocked how 

this experience reset EVERYTHING! 

I came back totally refreshed, happy, content and ready for my next stage!  

I know YOUR tired... exhausted... I know YOU need a break to reset and recharge! 

And this is what this experience will give you!

Does this sound like you?  

  •  You're exhausted
  •  Your health is not as good is it once was  
  •  You're stressed
  •  You wake tired constantly and battle through the day  
  •  You have a busy life  
  •  You’re the one who looks after everyone else first  
  •  You need a break  
  •  You need a holiday where you can totally relax and commit to you.  


For me personally, All I needed was some time and some space to totally commit to me. The shift I had in the 5 days was something I couldn’t have ever got in my everyday life, in my everyday routine. The experience was a turning point for me, my life and my happiness. Sometimes the answer is really simple once you give yourself the time and space.  


I see hundreds of clients each year in clinic and I would say that most ladies need the reminder:  

"When you look after yourself... you become a better version of you and everyone benefits!"  

Taking time out to commit to you will make you a better mum, a better wife, a better female, and more motivated for work and play

but mostly you will FINALLY find that piece that has been missing for so long.  

There is something really special about being in Bali. It’s an experience that you just couldn’t get in Australia.  

Bali is magical, spiritual... and the opportunity for transformation and growth is truly amazing.  

This 5 day immersion has been intentionally created, for you to experience something like NO other

What you'll experience....

From the moment you arrive, you can switch off, zone out and let us take care of YOU for a change

Extraordinary workshops to truely connect to you and explore your health and mindset

Balinese massages to help relax and look after your body

Yoga daily to get get a taste of how this can benefit your everyday life

Healthy, fresh and delicious meals to suit all tastes and dietary requirements

Excursion to The Pyramids of Chi for an out-of-this-world Sound healing to balance and relax your entire body and mind

Excursion to a Waterfall for an experience like no other! - hard to put into words how amazing this experience is.

Some retail therapy at one of Bali's greatest markets!


This 5 day Bali Immersion will take place in the amazing Komune Resort Bali from 

Thursday 14th November - Tuesday 19th November 2019

Komune Resort is a 5 star eco friendly resort with an immersive mix of Bali and Australian culture.

5 days will allow you to truly unwind and really experience the journey, but not to long away from family and work commitments.

All meals are included as well as fresh juices and kombucha 

(side note: the meals are so fresh and tasty you will want to create them when you arrive home!)

This experience is once in a lifetime! 

Cost of this all inclusive experience is $2500* 

Or payment plan - 2 x monthly payments of $1250

This package includes everything from when you arrive at the resort: 

5 nights accommodation from Thursday 14th November until 6pm Tuesday 19th November 2019

All meals, including fresh juice and kombucha (alcohol will be at your expense)

Workshops, activities, yoga, excursions to Pyramids of Chi, transformational waterfall experience, shopping tour. 

2 x 1 hour Balinese massages.

*Note: Flights and transfers to the resort are not included in the package. Transfers can be organised through the resort

Don't miss out! Places are Limited! 

Secure your spot today.